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THE LUCKY FEW is a non profit organization dedicated to helping unwanted animals. We provide a home for as many of these animals as our budget and resources allow, but we know that the real cause of the problem is that too many animals are born. Our main goal is to teach as many people as possible about animal overpopulation and what we can do about it. By sharing the lives of the animals we look after with you and by passing on what they teach us, we hope that you will be entertained, that you will learn, that you will laugh, perhaps even cry, but in the end you will be moved enough to do what you can to help the “Unlucky Many” in your community.

Please explore the website. Whether you are just contemplating inviting an animal into your house for the first time, or have lived with four footed companions all your life we think you will find information here that is interesting and useful. To watch some of the silly antics of the cats click to see our videos on You Tube.