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BEFORE you buy a pet, or before you let your pet have its next litter, or if you want to understand what it is that motivates us at the Lucky Few, then we ask you to take the following challenge:

Set aside some time and go by yourself to visit your local pound. Being alone is important. Friends and family will serve to distract you. The purpose of this challenge is not to be distracted.

Now go in and see the animals. Wander up and down for a while and really take it all in. Pick one animal and sit with it for a while. At least half an hour. If they will let you take the animal out of its cage to be with you, then do so.

Imagine how that animal came to be there. Look around you and listen and watch what is going on. Try to imagine what it is really like for that animal to be there for days, maybe even weeks on end. And really think about what is going to happen to that animal if someone does not give it a home.

Do this at least three times at a different shelter each time.

Then find out how many animals like the ones you visited are killed every year in the United States.

When you have finished the challenge write to us and tell us about your experience.